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100 South Main Street, Unit 3B, North Wales, PA
Providing safe shelters to safeguard against both active shooters and natural disasters, suitable for residential and commercial use throughout the Philadelphia tri-state area.

Secure Your Safety: Top-Quality Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms in PA and NJ.

Safeguard Your Loved Ones: Ensure Safety and Security Against the Unexpected

Storm & Tornado Shelters

Hunkerdown provides comprehensive protection through an extensive range of above-ground and residential below-ground storm shelters. All shelters are FEMA-compliant & built to endure the strongest EF5 tornado winds and debris, we continue to serve Montgomery County, Bucks County, and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Panic Rooms & Safe Shelters

Hunkerdown offers secure rooms to enhance the safety of your home, school, or commercial property. Whether you require a safe room, panic room, tornado shelter, or gun safe, we offer safe rooms that are designed to cater to your family’s & commercial security needs in Montgomery County, Bucks County, and surrounding counties in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

School Safety Shelters

Hunkerdown is dedicated to addressing the imperative need for classroom safety in PA & NJ. The rising importance of addressing both natural and man-made disasters in educational settings underscores the urgency for effective solutions. Our shelters stand as a robust response to these challenges, actively working towards creating secure environments within schools and classrooms. By prioritizing the safety of students and teachers, we aim to fortify educational spaces against the uncertainties posed by unforeseen events.

Commercial Safe Shelters

Our commercial safety shelters are known for their durable, low-maintenance construction, making them an excellent choice for remote locations. Trust us to provide a reliable, secure solution that ensures the safety of your business in storm-prone areas. Explore the best in commercial storm shelters and safe rooms with us in PA & NJ.
Experienced Professionals with your family’s safety in mind.
Dedicated Experts Ensuring Your Family’s Safety with Pennsylvania and New Jersey Safe Shelters and Storm Rooms in Mind.
Our core mission is to provide easily accessible, top-tier safe shelters and secure rooms to residents in PA & NJ. Hunkerdown stems from recognizing the imperative to confront the uncertainties of natural disasters while simultaneously prioritizing the security of schools and classrooms. Committed to safeguarding families across the East Coast, we take proactive steps to address the unknown through our reliable safety shelters.
Storm Safe Shelters PA

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